We build and Manage Technology So Our Customers Can Focus on Their Business

The technology you rely upon each and everyday in your business should just work. it shouldn’t be something that brings you frustration, hampers your ability to communicate, or even gets in the way. Technology is a requirement for every business but we believe technology should be something that gives you more than it takes. It’s something you should control, it’s something that when it does fail you barely if ever notice it.

Our vision for technology in your business is it’s something that takes very little of your focus, that way you can put your energy and your organization’s energy into the product or service you provide.

We provide high quality cost effective managed IT and communications solutions, customized to meet the individual needs of your business, using state-of-the-art technologies that enable a highly reliable platform for your critical business functions.

Here’s a few things we provide:

  • Develop and implement a technology plan to match a new corporate vision
  • Balance short-term initiatives with long-term growth strategies
  • Assess and recommend areas of technology infrastructure improvement
  • Deploy converged communications
  • Craft a strategic technology road-map to sustain leadership in a competitive market
  • Balance company technology infrastructure to increase financial value and improve IT inefficiency
  • Understand IT dependencies on operational execution and IT’s effect on customer loyalty

The scope of our offerings range from the assessment, design, and engineering of your technology and communications infrastructure to the implementation of a fully managed IT solution. Our expertise in state-of-the-art converged voice, video, Internet and data infrastructures enable customers to gain world-class technology solutions at an affordable price.

The Right Technology at the Right Time

Finely tuned Information Technology Infrastructures are strategically important for bottom line results. It is the core that connects employees, customers, and alliance partners to applications and services. Without a carefully crafted plan that maps business requirements to technology, infrastructures can turn into an ugly, money-hungry beast.

Our research indicates that almost all IT infrastructures have limitations that can inhibit business operations, leading to lost revenue and higher operational costs. As IT infrastructure specialists, we partner with you to “tame the beast,” facilitate growth, and increase bottom line profitability.

Why a Managed Solution for your Tech is Smart

It’s easy to see why outsourcing is such a tempting proposition. It enables you to focus on your core work—the things you do best—by having others take care of non-core processes. The benefits are twofold: Your employees are freed to concentrate on the critical tasks that can grow your business; meanwhile, non-core jobs—like operating the computer help desk—are left to the hands of the HeatSeeker experts.

Outsourcing becomes a smart option even for companies that have an IT department. Today’s IT departments are often short staffed and under tight budget constraints. HeatSeeker services relieve IT staffs of the burden of day-to-day systems management, freeing them to focus instead on revenue generating projects such as rolling out new applications.