24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days We Ensure Your Business is Up and Running When it Matters Most

We monitor your network, hardware, and switches so when you most need your tech it’s up and running. We go well beyond just monitoring and addressing problems as soon as they come up. Through our custom built monitoring service, we provide proactive fact gathering to ensure health of your systems.

This allows your staff to focus on your business as our monitoring feature can even eliminate many on-call requirements of current staff.

Here’s what’s included in our monitoring:

  • Remote Monitoring of system and network critical health indicators
  • 24×7 monitoring, trouble escalation and resolution
  • PC Management
  • Network and fraud management
  • Server Management
  • Selective application management
  • Constant network health check assessment and automatic discovery and resolution of problem
  • Alarm indicators and notification when thresholds have been exceeded
  • Remote access enabled
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