Here’s Our Promise… The Right Technology, At the Right Time, At the Right Place, for the Right Price

Business simply can’t be done without technology– and most likely you’re not in the technology business. Now if you’re like most of our clients, your business consists of something completely outside of managing servers, the cloud, ensuring your email is always up, or being a fanatic about your data being secured and backed up.

Here’s the good news. That’s what we do. We ensure that your technology is working when you need it most, that way you can focus on the service or product that you deliver.

But it’s about much more than that…

It’s Technology, Hardware, Software Customized to Your Business

For those who want a little bit more detail, at a high level we set up a technology infrastructure customized to your business and technology needs. Together, we create your own Private Business Cloud that provides your business with all the hardware, connectivity, and security that you need. This is where the majority of your software services, telephony, and communications will function as well.

In this secure environment we also ensure that all your data, even data on individual PCs and other devices are backed up. Not only remotely but in a redundant instance (this basically means we make sure you have multiple backups).

Each solution is customized to your specific business needs. Each business is different, different size teams, organizational structures, technology setup, and hardware requirements. All this has to come together in a way that makes your business more efficient, more effective, and allows you to focus on what it is you do.

What’s Included in Your Private Business Cloud?

Email & Messaging

Email is a critical aspect to your business. For most of us we couldn’t do our job without it. While email has been around for years there a few general rules to keep in mind when looking for an email solution…

Is it secure, is it backed up, and how do you set it up so it perfectly fits your business needs. Read More »

Platinum Internet

Patience may be a virtue, but not online. You need to serve your customers, talk with your suppliers and meet your deadlines. Speed for you has to go beyond download rates – you need flexible solutions, effective tools, and a rock solid Internet connection.

The HeatSeeker Platinum Internet solution provides a complete security enabled Internet solution to protect company data, enable remote home user access, and allow secure connections to other locations. Read More »

Storage & Backup

The Enterprise Storage Area Network solution enables companies to have off premise storage and backup of files without the high end equipment investment. Not only will files be stored off premise in a secure data center, the ability to restore data easily is attained due to the frequency of data backup.

The SAN storage solution may be integrated into a Disaster Recovery Program. Upgrades to systems become painless. Read More »

IP Telephony

Experience decreased toll costs, improved collaborative employee productivity, and ultimately, greater customer satisfaction. IP Telephony services from HeatSeeker allow your business to have flexible voice communication equipment that can be remotely programmed for moves, adds and changes.

There is no PBX phone maintenance agreement, and all Telephony Systems upgrades, moves/add/changes are the responsibility of HeatSeeker. Read More »


We monitor your network, hardware, and switches so when you most need your tech it’s up and running. We go well beyond just monitoring and addressing problems as soon as they come up. Through our custom built monitoring service, we provide proactive fact gathering to ensure health of your systems.

This allows your staff to focus on your business as our monitoring feature can even eliminate many on-call requirements of current staff. Read More »

The Private Cloud

Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software.

Utilizing HeatSeeker infrastructure gives small and medium businesses the look and feel of a large company. It also expands security for your business by providing managed firewalls, a secure data center and network surveillance. Read More »

LAN/WAN Networks

The HeatSeeker managed local and wide area network solution allows for secure connectivity between multiple sites.

Your business can have multiple networks that will be integrated and managed on an efficient basis. 24x7x365 automated monitoring, incident management, and problem resolution are also provided to ensure that your network is always up and running to keep you connected. Read More »


If you’re like us, you dread dialing the support line– usually that means something has gone wrong and you simply can’t figure it out. We feel your pain and that’s why we’ve built our support to be pain free, quick, and often times we can address an issue well before you or your team realizes there is a problem.

Available packages allow for the flexibility of lowering cost of IT Support. Subscribing to ITS Premier Support Services gives you guaranteed technical availability at a Read More »

Professional Services

HeatSeeker Technology Partners believes that next generation technology infrastructures can have a far greater impact on business success then ever before.

Tightly integrated infrastructures which comprise networks, systems, and management applications are now the norm. New IP telephony systems and wireless data communications add further opportunities and challenges. Are you ready? Read More »