It’s About Keeping Your Data and Files Secure, Safe, and Backed Up

The Enterprise Storage Area Network solution enables companies to have off premise storage and backup of files without the high end equipment investment. Not only will files be stored off premise in a secure data center, the ability to restore data easily is attained due to the frequency of data backup.

The SAN storage solution may be integrated into a Disaster Recovery Program. Upgrades to systems become painless. The HeatSeeker Enterprise solution is fully redundant with duo control processors and includes 24×7 problem management and resolution.

Here’s what is included in our storage and backup solutions:

Storage Area Network (SAN)*

  • Customized for your business needs
  • Automated backup with customized access and archiving
  • Manual Point in Time Volume Copy
  • Scheduled Point in Time Volume copy
  • Volume Expansion on Demand
  • Server Recovery
  • Ability to Add and Delete Servers to the SAN
  • Off-site disaster recovery
  • Business continuity enabler

Wide Area File System (WAFS)

  • Remote Site Caching
  • Wide Area Performance Accelerator
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