HeatSeeker has been our technology partner for 10 years. When we started working with them we were significantly smaller, and our technology was pretty rudimentary. They were able to provide us the in-depth technology experience we didn’t have.

On top of which we didn’t want to absorb the cost of managing this function ourselves. They were a very good fit for us. Like any good partnership we involved Heatseeker every step of the way. For me, I’ve had dialogue with them to understand things better.

They’re a good partner for me to run ideas by and get a sense of where they see the future of technology, and how we should better position ourselves, so they’re a key member of the team. I would absolutely recommend HeatSeeker to any auto dealer looking to increase the capacity and vitality of their technology. Read Full InterviewPaul Walser, CEO of the Walser Automotive Group

We get a lot of services from HeatSeeker. They have a pool of experts so I’m able to reach out to them for their expertise that I can use to make better technology decisions.

So they’re able to provide recommendations on hardware, software and products, plus they under pre-defined terms to manage our technology 24-7. We sat down with them and said here’s what we’re trying to achieve at Walser, and HeatSeeker provided provided us a customized analysis of what it would cost to provide that. If I wanted to do the same amount of work internally, I’m going pay almost double what I’m paying with HeatSeeker.

Everything they’ve done for us has really been spot on, and I see us continuing to use their services as we continue to grow and change in the years to come. If there’s a dealership out there that wants to move forward, there’s no better way to do it than to partner with a company you trust. HeatSeeker has always been, and still today is a great partner to do that with. Read Full Interview
Jim Bird, Director of Technology for the Walser Automotive Group