When a Support Call Makes Your Day…

If you’re like us, you dread dialing the support line — usually that means something has gone wrong and you simply can’t figure it out. We feel your pain and that’s why we’ve built our support to be pain free, quick, and often times we can address an issue well before you or your team realizes there is a problem.

Available packages allow for the flexibility of lowering cost of IT Support. Subscribing to ITS Premier Support Services gives you guaranteed technical availability at a lower cost per hour. The HeatSeeker team can become an arm of your business expanding technical expertise while financially maintaining your pre-determined technology budget.

Many technical services are included as part of a customer’s core support and are available to all users of ITS Subscribed Services:

  • 24×7 access to HeatSeeker Technical Helpline with live engineers that have a wide breadth of knowledge readily available to meet your demands
  • Sophisticated remote diagnostics
  • Timely response to day-to-day IT and communication requirements, ranging from a simple desktop question to an implementation of a complex multi-layer technology solution

Optionally, the following technical services are available at competitive prices to accommodate all the customer’s needs for support of new network and application enhancements:

  • Augment or replacement of current staff allows your company to focus on core competencies with worry free IT/technology.
  • Web based client interface
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