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What if we told you we could predict the weather better than your local weather person?

Every year we become virtual storm chasers. Now not the ones you see jump into a few SUV’s and go and track down a tornado….our methods are a little more sophisticated.

But that hasn’t stopped our technology specialist, Sam, from becoming a certified weather spotter.

We proactively monitor your network 24/7, including your circuits, access points, routers, switches, and your onsite voice equipment.

You are also one step ahead of any storm because you are protected by UPS battery backups, these protect from power surges and outages. These UPS devices talk to HeatSeeker and that’s where the prediction comes in…

See when a storm hits a certain area, our tracking system starts flashing and putting GEO-located dots all over the map.

Now after years of watching this, our tech support team has become pretty good at predicting where a storm will show up next.

Now when an alert comes in, we connect that location to the radar and begin diagnostics.

  • Was this a result of a power outage?
  • Was this a circuit that got fried?
  • Did the storm knock out something we can’t control (like a power line)?

For instance, let’s say something went wrong with a circuit. The first thing we do is engage with your Local Exchange Carrier (LES).

Your LEC is the company that physically owns the line running to your location. We work with them to address the problem and get up and running as quickly as possible.

This same level of 24/7 monitoring is also done for all our data centers so  your offsite data is protected just the same.

Our focus is always to get the system or systems up and running with little or very often no downtime whatsoever.

That’s the key.

Through our proactive and sophisticated monitors, you can worry less about the storms that roll through and more about running your business.